Walnuts (No Shell), 1 Bag

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If you’re looking for a mouth-watering snack that also packs a nutritious punch, look no further than these shelled walnuts! They are a naturally good source of protein, fiber and essential fatty acids, in particular omega-3’s as ALA. In fact, walnuts contain the highest level and potency of antioxidants of all tree nuts.

Fresh and tender, Piping Rock’s Shelled Walnuts embody the meaning of Supernut. Enjoy each morsel knowing your snack choice is both delicious and health-friendly!

A stone fruit growing from the tree of the same name, walnuts are a member of the Juglandaceae family, meaning they are related to pecan and hickory trees. Within the wrinkled shell of the walnut lies the textured, familiar nut. Walnuts can be enjoyed by the handful as a snack and are also popular in baking, cooking and in making walnut butter.