Sobiyet Baklava with Pistachio 18 Pieces | kadayifcizade

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  • Pistachio Söbiyet consists of 13 layers of dough. It contains semolina cream and plenty of peanuts. It is ready in less time than classic baklava stays in the oven. It is cooked at 170 degrees.
  • Turkish traditional dessert of ramadan karaklava. sobiyet is a turkish culture.
  • Content: Granulated sugar, drinking water, wheat flour, plain oil, sterilized milk, pistachio kernel, wheat starch, semolina, egg, table salt
  • Turkish Dessert Sobiyet Baklava with Pistachio Fistikli Baklava. Traditional Dessert. Turkish food and drink. Baklava or baklava drink with pistachio mille and honey. Turkish food and drinks, traditional dessert of the sobiyet culture. Baklava (fistikli or fistik) with baklawa, pistachio. Breakfast or lunch with meat and vegetables.