Baklava with Pistachio 1250g - 70 Slices | Kadayifcizade

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  • The best quality baklava made from organic materials
  • Delicious square baklavas with Pistachio 1250g
  • Special square baklava, produced from natural materials such as flour, egg, corn starch, salt, gluten is prepared and delivered to your address with its delicious taste.
  • 70 Slices
  • One of the most preferred varieties of baklava, one of the most popular tastes of Turkish cuisine for centuries, is square baklava. To taste the unique taste of special square baklavas with the local baklava preparation technique, to feel the naturalness and quality in all the ingredients of the baklava. The sound of the freshness you hear with each bite of the special square baklavas is a harbinger of the delicious taste that will be formed on your palate.