Arzum Okka Turkish Coffee Maker black OK001B, Original Turkish baklava with mystery gift.

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  • Cup Size Options - 3 leveled settings for different cup sizes
  • "Lift-to-Brew" technology enables cooking Turkish Coffee at the ideal taste and distributes the foam to each cup equally.
  • Direct Cup Service - Serves directly to the cup without requiring you to use a pot or wait for it to be cooked.
  • Auto Boiling Altitude Detection - Enables brewing the very same Turkish Coffee flavor everywhere in the world by identifying the ideal cooking temperature at your current location.
  • One or Two Cups Brewing - Has the ability to cook one or two cups at a time.
  • Self Cleaning - With its self-cleaning ability with an additional button, the only thing you have to do is to sip your coffee and enjo
  • Slow Cooking" feature for those who want to enjoy Turkish Coffee as on a wood fire.
  • Warning and Alarm System - Top Warning Light: The water tank is empty or not properly inserted, Middle Warning Light: The cooking cup head is not properly inserted, Bottom Warning Light: Wastewater tray is full or not properly inserted.
  • This dessert is the most popular among all Mediterranean sweets. It features a thick layer of nuts such as pistachios, cashews, or walnuts. The thicker it's nuts filling, the richer and the tastier it is
  • This dessert is loved by people the world over for good reason, it is absolutely delicious
  • You can around it with your favorite friends or family members